Announcement: Reading List and Gender Project

Hello everyone! Happy February! First of all, let me assure you that I am working on a new post – working title: “How to Have Good Sex.” So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I want to plug the other project I’ve been working on: that is, my reading list!

I’m not currently in a position where I can publish posts all that often – research, writing, editing, rewriting, and writing some more take time, and I prefer to publish full, well-thought-out posts than slapdash, haphazardly written ones. Hopefully, you prefer my doing this, too. But I wanted to provide more material for those of you who are just dying to learn more about sex and so I created a “reading list” tab. Here you can find a list of the books and internet articles that I’m reading (and have read) as well as links to multimedia articles (videos, photography projects, etc.). Some of these resources I have linked to in previous posts; some of them are completely new to me, and hopefully also to you! I handpick the resources on this page and can thus guarantee that they are well-written, thought-provoking, and, of course, informative, so you can continue your sex ed journey even when I haven’t published anything in a while. So please, check it out! I’ll add something new to the list at least once a week.

In addition to my upcoming post, I am working on a series of interviews about gender. So far, I have conducted one fantastic interview that I will hopefully finish transcribing this week (expect a published version at the end of the month). But in order to produce a comprehensive and inclusive “series,” I need more interviewees! So if you identify as a gender, be that female, bigender, two-spirited, male, agendered, what have you (and even if you don’t identify as any gender ever!) I would love to hear from you! I have a set list of questions that I use for my interviews, and I can either email them to you if you prefer to respond in a written format, or I can do a recorded phone interview – whatever you feel the most comfortable with. The more people that I interview, the better this series on gender will be.  So please, get in touch! I am trying to cover a wide range of genders, cis, trans(*), and queer, so the more people who contact me, the better! All interviews will be anonymous (unless you don’t want yours to be).

Please comment below if you have questions, email if you have questions, and stay tuned for my next post!


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