About the Site

This is a sexual health education blog that focuses not only on the nitty gritty of sexual health (how can we be healthy sexual beings?), but also on the philosophical (how can we be happy sexual beings?). It touches on the concrete (what are STIs and how do people get them?) and on the less tangible (how do I talk to my partner(s) about Sexually Transmitted Infections?). It reiterates and expands upon run-of-the-mill sexual health topics (what are reproductive organs and how do they work?) and the marginalized, often-ignored topics (what are sex toys and how do I use/get them?) This is a place for hard questions and open, truthful, sometimes frustratingly incomplete answers, for insecurities and vulnerabilities, for shared knowledge and teamwork. It is my hope that this space will eventually become an encyclopedia of sorts for the sexually-interested individual, for the people who are tired of the standard high-school sexual education curriculum (or the lack thereof), for the people who know that sex ed must be more than information about body parts and reproduction. There is no judgment here – just the best information that I, with the help of my sexually-aware social network, can provide. This space is what you make of it – this is Positively Sex Ed.

About Me

Who am I and why am I qualified to write a sexual health blog? There are a few ways I could answer this question. I could tell you that I am a recent college graduate with a Bachelor’s in gender studies, or that I used to lead sexual assault prevention workshops, or that I belonged to a sexual health peer counseling group. All of these statements are true, but what I believe makes me qualified to write this blog is that I love talking about sex. To me, sex is inherently fascinating – simultaneously a goldmine of exploration and pleasure and a minefield of unfamiliar interactions and misinformation. I love talking about sex because whenever I do, I always learn something new, and I can almost always share something with someone else that they didn’t know. I love researching sex – I read articles that run the gamut from buzzfeed lists to academic research papers. And then I often share what I’ve learned with my friends. If you’re curious about sex and what I’ve learned and what I’m still learning, this blog might be for you.


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